Monday, June 7, 2010

I want to apply for Helen Thomas Position!

Where do I go to apply for the empty Helen Thomas Position? I am a fireball that will keep every President's feet to the fire of truth. I would love to spar words with know-nothing Gibbs. We need intelligent, inquisitive, courageous investigative journalist. I want to apply for white house press core job. Does anyone know where I can get an application? And would anyone be willing to write me a letter of recommendation.

Not that I am over-confident but can I also have her prime front row seat?

It is high time independent thinkers get front row in the white house press room so we can ask the real questions everyone wants answered and not stop at dumb answers like "I need to check", "it is in the memo released", "we are coming out with a plan", "we are looking into it", "I haven't read that yet", "no one informed me..."

Give me a break! Gibbs needs to PREPARE for his meeting with the press core and be ready to give honest answers (ha ha) I know that is a laugh but we need to keep pressing forward and never "uncle" to this lying foolishness being garbled and dribbled out as answers to the press.

The Press Core needs to get a backbone, stand ground, and know their facts so they can ask pertinent questions instead of "soft volleys"!

When Gibbs enters the Press room he should feel like he entered the den of hungry truth seeking reporters.

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