Friday, May 14, 2010

America is Being Terriorized

American is in a fight for her life. But it is not really about America - it is about what She stands for: Freedom! Freedom to worship, speak, vote, write, live without being under the control of Principalities and Powers.

Americans are fighting Americans. People are fighting people. Religions are fighting religions. Parties are fight parties. Millionaires are fighting millionaires. Families are fighting families. But we are all fighting against each other...and not the real Enemy!!!!!

The people are not the enemy...any people....any person.... Be careful to read ...

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" (Ephesians 6:12)
 Even when we are attacked by people, or a person, we must recognize who our real enemy is:   Satan!

Go ahead, and laugh if you must, you are playing right into his hands of believing he isn't really the One doing all of this destruction. He comes to steal from us and destroy our life....and our Country that WAS founded on God's principles. America is only special because we stood in our foundation on God's Word and His principles. America still has a strong Christian remnant, but it is not the powerful money source in the country. Satan has a huge foothold in our Country.

He is tearing down the foundations. He has since It's beginning. He would never want a country or people to flourish that thanks, praises and glorifies God. Bible reading people, God fearing people, True believers who are living a righteous in Christ life of obedience to God enabled by His Holy Spirit. Don't you see!

America is being terrorized by SATAN!

And instead of us coming together, to fight strong in the Lord against Satan, we are trying to tear up and destroy everyone and everything against what we feel is right. But really we are destroying ourselves because we are fighting each other and not Satan.

Please pray, fast, read the Bible. Wake up before it is too late. We must be aware of our enemy and we must know him so that we can tell him, "Satan, you are defeated! I have all authority over you because of Jesus dying on the cross and the Holy Spirit living within me. "(Luke 10:19)

Listen, we can never be brought down by the enemy as long as we stand strong in God!
What we MUST do

  1. Read the Bible, understanding that it is God's Holy Word and a very powerful weapon against the enemy. We should be openly reading God's Word without stop in every city and personally in our homes.
  2. Praise and Worship God! The enemy has to leave in the presence of our praise to God. He detests it. We should be blaring praise music everywhere in our Country and a song of praise should be on our lips.
  3. We must OBEY God. We need to bring back the 10 commandments, and remember that Jesus said if we love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and love our neighbors (all people) as ourselves we will fulfill all the law. Obedience is on a very personal level. Ask God to reveal any area of sin which is the entry point and foothold for Satan into lives, and our Nation. When bad things happen Satan is at work, I guarantee it!
  4. Faith is a powerful weapon we must learn to hold up as a warrior uses a shield in the battlefield. When the enemy starts shooting, lift up your faith in God. Walk closely to God, walking in faith, not by sight, God will lead us to victory. Everything is not always what it seems. We must have spiritual eyes and ears. We must walk by faith!
  5. The capstone of all we do is by prayer and fasting. Pray unceasingly. Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. Talk to Him, and let Him talk to you. Fasting is simply not eating. Even a 24 hour fast can be strong enough to break the hold of the enemy upon our Nation, and in our lives. Don't not fast because he don't think you can....just do it!
I will write again. I just had to get all of this out as fast as I could.

With love,Lindy

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