Monday, January 4, 2010

Living Off The Reserve -Pretending

When we are raising our children we are told to let them have lots of pretend play. We buy the plastic kitchen, with pots and pans and food that is hard enough to be a soft ball. We sit at the toddler table and let them take our order. And yes, we smile with delight when the fake food is served, as though we have been given the best any finest chef could provide. I have drank many imaginary drinks and even asked for refills!

Isn't it true that as adults we often play the same game? We go about daily living like we have had a morning feast from God's table but truly we are faking it and living off of the reserves that we obtained through previous intimate prayer, Bible study and retreats. The fact is sadly true; the older we are in the Spirit, the more reserve we have to fall back on and we can fake a current vibrant walk more easily.

We know what the walk looks like - peaceable, loving, giving, caring, joyful, etc. So we preform those qualities and to most it looks as though we just broke bread with the Lord in private meditation of His Word and sweet refreshing communication between a Father and daughter that truly love each other.

The sermon I heard Sunday was about living a life that is totally surrendered. The key verse was Romans 12:1 "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, That you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable to God which is your reasonable service."

I learned so much about this verse:

"mercies of God" - We go to God because of his mercies, not motivated by fear. I know anytime I have not been spending quality time with Him, He is not going to berate me, but joyful accept me no matter how undeserving His favor might be. He loves me, that will never change.

"present" - This is the coolest part of the verse that I learned newly about. Present is in the Greek tense of a verb that means once! Think about marriage to your spouse. You get married once. You may fight and not be in fellowship, but you are still husband and wife - in relationship.

"reasonable service" It is the most logical, sensible, reasonable thing to do for any thinking human.

I am "all in" on this relationship. I offer God everything I am, have and will be. He "calls me" and I willingly show my hand. In exchange for my few "chips" in turn He presents me His reward! It is a no brainier. I gladly trade all I have to be his adopted daughter and have all that is His that He freely gives to me.

But this is the point, I was making from the start. He is daily, moment by moment, available. His arms are open. His wisdom is available. His resources are endless.

Still, I have to go freshly before Him to receive my daily treasures, my fresh bread, the mercies I will need for this day! His mercies are new every morning, but they do me little good if I skip my time with Him and never receive them.

How about you? Are you living off of your reserve pantry? Are you, like me, often pretending to eat fresh daily bread when in reality you are eating a plastic apple and a cup of air?

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