Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kabul 24 - Book Review - Booksneeze

Afghanistan is not a place that many people have ever visited. Truly it is hard for most of us to understand the government, culture, beliefs and living conditions of people we have never seen. Kabul 24 helped me to see the people of Afghanistan through the eyes of someone who has been ministering to these people over two decades.

I think every politician in Washington making decisions about America's policies with Afghanistan and the military going to serve this area, should be required to read this book. Kabul 24 allows the reader to understand who the Taliban, the current Afghanistan government and the Afghanistan people, truly are in an excellent written, fast-pace story of Shelter Now International (SNI) workers imprisoned and tortured after being 'set up' for proselytizing Muslims.

I learned more in this book than in any history lesson. People of different Nations cannot be treated the same or as Americans, they are unique people with a life and worldview that can only be understood by someone who has first-hand knowledge of the people. It is amazing to see that the governments and Taliban don't reflect the views of the common people and need to be seen separately for who they are.

We are blessed to have this inside view and need to learn from the experiences people have who love the Afghanistians by committing their lives to serve the people of this Nation. If you would like to understand the mindset of terrorist who are bent on destroying Christians and infidels (including all of Americans) do yourself a favor and read this book to be informed.


  1. Lindylou, this sounds like an incredible book. I agree that the way to people's hearts is to learn what is in their hearts, not try to force our ideas and views on them.

    This is true with people of other faiths in our own country, and especially true in other countries.

  2. Often missionaries who have dedicated their life to loving people of a Nation are our best resources for 'knowing' what it is like to lives in different lands from the Nationales point of view.

    thank for the comment.


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