Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who To Follow On Twitter?

Who To Follow?
With so many people on twitter, how does a person figure out who to follow? I am not asking a rhetorical question. I am just a little puzzled.

When I first started at twitter, I would look for people who had similar interest, or different interest but seemed interesting. I looked at their twitters to see if I wanted to follow them. Let's face it, with this and every other avenue, you get some pretty weird or sick people, and you get some people that you just would not care to listen to a word they spoke (or twoke).

When I see a person that cusses like a sailor (why do sailor's get the rap!?) how about a person who curses like a average r-rated movie character or an everyday common high school student whom their life has been not so kind and/or they haven't been taught or exposed to how to speak in an honoring way....oops...I got carried away.

Where was I ...twittering...I have about 850 people following. It really doesn't matter to me who follows, but what I find amazing is when I look at most who follow I can't figure out why they would choose me to follow. I mean, we are nothing like each other, and for some reason they hit the select to follow button when they saw my profile or a tweet. I would love for people to have to write a few words stating why they are following you. At least I would know if they are just being humored or like to see life from another's perspective or figured out a connection that I don't see or maybe they see an angle that will benefit them, that I don't see.

Quality, Not Quantity.
I went through a rash period in January and tried to see how many twitters I could get to follow me. The point wasn't quality but quantity. When I got real close to 1,000 people that I was following I realized I hated twitter. It got to the point that it was like a dream if I could get one personal response back a day.

When I first started with about 25 twitter friends I got personal responses back all day long. Twitter was so fun...a new way to connect with the world...a place to go for advice or to share something really "great" (or mundane) that just happen...and I was bursting to tell someone but only had three teens that could care less if I spoke.

Twitter had a really great purpose in my life. If felt plugged into the world, even though I was still a mom at home teaching her children, and thinking great thoughts like "what's for dinner"?

I have tapered my list down and down, but it has never happen again. I still can't get a personal level connect that I had before I went on the rampage of rising as high as I could in twitterville. I even would check every few days to see what my twitter grade was. I haven't checked it in a month or so but I was about 98%. Who doesn't like to see a grade that high .... I was ever working to be 100, like I did in my college days. I get I am about 52% grade today. See how easy it is to slip from the top of the pile. The thrill is going up, but once you get there it is real work keeping a top!

Recapturing Twitter Fun!
Twitter was not suppose to be work it was just for fun. So I really do want to hear from you. How do you decide 'who to follow on twitter'? And if you feel like it, tell me why you twitter. What purpose does it serve in your life? If you are following me, why? And if you notice that I am not following you and you really want to enjoy twitter relationships, let me know.

I am a real relationship I don't think much about making business contacts, seeing twitterfriends as potential $$$$ in some way or another, but hey, that is what makes the world go round and not be boring...we are all a little different.

What do you say? Help me figure out how to make Twitter fun again!


  1. Oh, Lindy, I'm with you! My numbers have shot up, which I never sought, and I now feel invisible half the time (most of the time?) trying to get a response from something I've tweeted. If I see you, I'll always give you a shout!

  2. lynn,

    I will shout back at ya! I need to find my loyal twitter friends, like you.


  3. Saw your tweet with your link to this post...

    I feel the same - why do certain people follow me? I clearly state in my bio that I'm a Christian, yet I get the weirdest follows sometimes....

    For me, Twitter is all about encouragement. i love to tweet Scripture verses. I may not get personal replies, but when I see that that verse was RT'd, then I feel encouraged as well. Plus I reply to a lot of tweets, thus starting conversations with people.

    i try to follow the Golden Rule - if I'm feeling like no one is responding to me, I imagine that there are others out there in Twitterville feeling the same way. I know how much a @ reply can brighten my day, so I try to do that for someone else.

    Hope my rambling thoughts are helpful.


  4. Hi Lindy, I started following you because your tweets are uplifting. In my crazy, hectic world, I need that. And, your twitter name is very comforting. I, too, am wondering if I need to have two different twitter names... one for my profession and one for my soul. However, I do like the humor and light banter... the "don't take yourself too seriously" twitter too. So, anyway, that is why I follow you... and I have missed you!

  5. I choose people to follow who are uplifting and encouraging. As a pastor's wife, I have many friends; but, all my really close friends are far away. I love having a twitter family that I can pray for when they ask for prayer and who I know will pray for me when I have a need. I have limited who I follow to keep it on a personal level. You are a valuable link in my twitter family!


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