Friday, March 20, 2009

Loving HIV+/AIDS Effected Orphans in India

I am very excited to share that my niece, Emily RiCharde, will be a full-time missionary to precious AIDS effected and HIV-positive orphans in Hyderabad, India. She will be working with Agape International (

This organization is so new, 5 years. A successful professional woman in Finance, Lynn, went on a mission trip to India for two weeks. When she returned home, she quit her job and moved to India fulltime to start orphanages for AID/HIV effected orphans. Just five years later she helps lead 5 orphanages in Hyderabad.

To see Emily's website of pictures from India you can go to

If you want to help Emily who will need to raise $10,130 for this years fulltime support covering airfare, room/board, medical insurance, phone, internet, proper Indian clothing, etc. please send a check to Grace Street Church or Agape International (tax exempt non-profit) to 460 Crafts Street, Newton, MA 02465 or call (857) 719-1993.

Emily will be teaching English classes to 1st thru 10th graders, run training seminars for teachers at the India School, be a volunteer coordinator, and play, hug, laugh, sing, talk with the children - her favorite part!

I know this is a wonderful opportunity to help orphans, and children effected by AIDS.

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