Friday, February 27, 2009

Witnessing - It is a God-Thing!

I have learned the long and hard way, that I just invest in the heart and life of people and don't ever try to push them into church or Bible or anything else like that.
Being a Christian is truly living your life faithfully, openly, and compassionately with others….it is not about following the latest witnessing tool. God is great - just like He is. He does not need me to come up with a clever sales campaign to show people how wonderful He is. He does a fine job Himself of displaying His wonders everyday.

The best witnessing method is no method at all – it is just loving others and being involved in their life as much as they allow…I find God opens door for Himself when He and they are ready. It is quite natural.

But that comes from someone that can find something spiritual in just about any situation (I am laughing at myself)…it just never fails, I am always saying, “Well, look at that, isn’t that a God-thing!” or “Don’t rush, everything is perfect in His timing, it will be just right when it happens.” Or “I keep hearing over and over ‘You are either with me or against me’ what do you suppose that could mean?”
That latest one ‘You are either with or against me’ happen Wednesday this week.

My boys were talking in the kitchen while I was taking a nap (I haven’t felt the best this week – had some ultrasound and gi test today). They came and got me up all excited. “Mom, David was getting water in the refrigerator and walked right past the oven. When he did the door to the cabinet over the oven opened and the glass corning ware lid flew out. David jumped out of the way and the lid crashed to the floor scattering glass all over. Then the cabinet door shut…it shut on it own.” Man, were those two teen boys spooked! (They have seen enough ghost, haunting shows to know it fit that category!)
I sent them to their room to do school and started sweeping. As I swept I heard over and over “You are either with Me or against Me.” (Forgive me if you are not use to hearing God speak so openly, it becomes normal over time if you just learn to tune into His 'station'.)
So I gathered my boys together in David’s room and told them what I heard and asked them what do you suppose God was saying…We talked about it. I told them we have to be together. We can’t be standing behind one another tearing each other down. We have a real enemy. Sometimes we get to see something happen in the physical (visible) world that is usually only going on in the invisible, spiritual world. I think this cabinet door opening, a glass dish flying out and the cabinet door shutting is one of those times. So I continued, we have to be watching each others backs. We are in this together.

A few seconds later, Andrew confesses to me, “Mom, will you forgive me for talking about you behind your back.” (Note- He has never confessed for anything that he didn’t get caught red handed first in his life!) Of course I forgave, then he says to David, “David, will you forgive me for not talking nice to you earlier.” (Again, a first)
We talked a little about that being repentance, what was preached on Sunday night at our church…Godly sorrow, instead of manly sorrow of being caught. And we talked a little more about taking care of each other and praying for each other.
This is just one of the many God-occurrences in our life. I guess it is just to explain how even a glass dish cover crashing is a God-thing if you allow God to use it. This is the way God has shown me to witness. It can’t be planned by me, it just happens by Him. And I have to be ready and listening to follow God's plan for using it.
What about you? How do you witness? Do you hear God in everyday situations?


  1. Lindy, This was a great opportunity for you to share with your boys. You did an excellent job of talking to them, as is evidenced by their responses.

    In witnessing to others, we really do have to depend on the Lord and listen for the nudge of the Holy Spirit. We can't force a witnessing opportunity. At least, I don't believe we can. Others may disagree. If the seed we are trying to plant in another's soul is to take root and flourish, it has to be a God-ordained seed, not man-ordained.

    This is a great post, Lindy. Thanks for sharing this little snippet of your life with your readers.

    Blessings to you...

  2. Lindy, I agree, the best method is to not have a method. We are to walk the talk and love.

    Please visit for the award I would like to share with you

  3. Wow, that was a cool/creepy story! But yeah, that was totally God probably!!

  4. "Just learn to tune into His 'station' and you can hear God speak so openly."

    Lindy, I find the transparency in your sincere words that the take-away value might be even as simple as your quote to help us feel closer to the Lord.Thanks friend!

  5. I hope, for your sake, that you realize what is really going on here. You are a victim of domestic violence. Emotional, mental and verbal abuse. Seeing it for what it really the first step to healing. Do not allow religion/dogma, toxic faith, false humility entrap you. Save yourself!

  6. Hi Rachel Aaliyah,

    Welcome to Blogger! I noticed that Dec 2011, this month, is the first time you have been on blogger. Thank you for commenting.

    I so do see the reality that I was a victim of domestic violence in many of the worst ways possible, short of being not in a domestic home but more like being in a torturous concentrations camp being lead by wicked people who smiled and laughed while they carried out horrid violent acts and spewed hateful venomous words.

    So, Yes, I have always seen it for what it really was since high school when my high school counselor told me, "Lindy, this is not normal. This does not happen every night or any night in other people's homes. This is abuse." Unfortunately, I was not removed from this home (it was many years ago and the protective law were not yet enforced in the town I grow up like I have heard they were in many Northern and Urban cities.)

    I will never let religion/dogma, toxic faith, false humility entrap me! I must have poorly miscommunicated that I have been saved by grace (a gift I do not deserve because in life I too have been a sinner, not a holy righteous person). But God has forgiven me for all of my sins and by my faith in Jesus (the Godman who lived a sinless life, therefore was able to righteously desire eternal heaven life, he instead of saving himself, he willingly died for me and you and every single person who simply has not and frankly, can not be sinless our entire life, and therefore, we all will never deserve eternal life or be able to save ourselves). I don't have a religion-no- frankly I have a high distaste for churches in general and religions. I have a beautiful relationship with GOD Himself. I know Him as my loving, providing, listening, protecting and giving Father who is always available to me. I enjoy the guidance and protection from His Spirit that dwells within me. He counsels me, speaks with me, and teaches me. And I deeply love Jesus, who I am intimately related to, as anyone would be for someone who died for them. I love Him so much and He loves me.

    So, you see, no trap, no prison, nothing to be saved from. I think from my life experiences I would recognize the difference; It is probably why almost every church I have been part of makes me a little sad and feeling like someone has cut my wings to keep me from flying high and being who God created me to be.

    Thank you so much Rachel, for you dear concern. I am glad I had the opportunity to share more deeply with you. And it is always nice to know someone love enough to reach out in your best interest. Thank you.

    dearly, Lindy


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