Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Free! Live Life Without Being Sressed Out.

Right off, I want you to know, I put the word "Free" in the title because I was amazed that people really wanted to sell their answer to how to be less stressed. Not only that, but a bunch of people wanted to pay to get a program, training, book, seminar, DVD, etc. to learn stress-free techniques.

I am not selling anything in my post. So you may be able to relax, and just read.

"Are you too stressed out? I need your opinion on this" ... is how a twit read (that is a post on So I took a look at the blog post, and was totally amazed at how many people responded to such a simple question. Not only did I read the post but I skimmed the nearly 60+ comments.

Clearly, people responded because they respect the blog-author's ( opinion and want to hear what he had to say. Also, people wanted to feel connected to him in some way. They find it important if he considers what they are saying, and many offered to join him in his quest to help put together a program to help people eliminate negative stress. People also responded because they were living way too stressed out. They wanted an answer.

Coming from being a teen in the 70's, I remember when everything was diagnosed as being cause by stress. By the 90's no one wanted to hear that anymore, especially from doctors. I recalled, myself, telling doctors, "And don't say it is stress, you have got to have another answer?"

So as researching began uncovering the workings of cells and DNA (genetic coding) and brain activity could actually been seen in color pictures, doctors began identifying what in our DNA/cellular level caused physical, emotional, mental disorders. Medications were being made to deal with results of stress. Of course, most everyone agrees diet and exercise are still two major factors to health, and less stress.

Now I am seeing a big swing back to stress in the past few years. It seems like a new concept to many, but I have already lived through "stress" being the end all answer to every problem. What is interesting is that there is truly, "nothing new under the sun." (quoted by one of the wisest men and ruler ever to live- Solomon).

Why are we so stress? We are not living the way we were created to live. We are trying to find the answer within ourselves or maybe someone who we trust or consider wiser, with more knowledgeable and/or experience.

The answer to living stress-free is simple, and because of this it will not be followed, but tossed away as folly. There is no one, two, three (four, five, six, etc.) step for everyone to follow like we are a bunch of cookie-cut one program or plan fits all.

Stress comes when we do not live in a right relationship with God and others. Jesus surprised many religious leaders of His time when He said that all rules/laws/ life plans could be summed up in two: 1) Love the Lord your God with all your mind, soul and might, 2) Love your neighbor as yourself. And this is not a two step program, it is a constant moment by moment way to live life!

(OK, if you survived my comment about Jesus and you haven't clicked off figuring I am just another church lady...stay tune to the FREE information, it could save you hundreds of dollars and lots of time following a man-made program.)

This advice is free to you, and it really doesn't need to be packaged as a program, and it is kinda old-fashion, so it doesn't need to be taught in a business/ social seminar.... because it is a relationship. Does someone need to teach you how to get to know other person? Well, if you do, you can start by saying, "Hello" and listening as much as you talk. Really try to get to know the person, and let them get to know you.

Everyone wants inner peace. Sure to disconnect emotionally you would free you from the stress, but you would also be not relating or living. Ignoring stress does not make it go away. If you want to strengthen your inner self, then strengthen your relationship with Jesus. He doesn't promise a stress-free life, but He will guide, protect, counsel, provide, unconditionally love, encourage, defend and anything else you may need while you live your life.

We will never be able to stop stressors in life, but we can learn how to live in and through them, and even allow them to help us to be better people within.

What do you think? Do you need a program to help you with your stress? Is it easier to listen to what a person has to say about how to deal with life/stress than God? If you had a choice of paying someone $50...$100 for a packaged CD program with lots of nice things to try or to have a growing relationship with God....what one would you want?


  1. Amen, Amen, and Amen! Put so well, and so very true! Thank you!

  2. There is this habit we have gotten into -- hire someone to solve our problems. Just give it to them so they can make the problems go away. In doing this we give up the responsibility for the solutions.

    Our own personal growth,health, and happiness is our own personal responsibility.

    God has a blueprint for living, but each person must make that decision to let God guide,empower, protect,strenthen, and comfort.

    I think some people tend to look for someone who will agree with their choices so they can justify in their own mind they are not in the wrong. Or just like dieting they want a pill or quick fix to solve the problem without putting any effort into it. I have been there and done that myself.

  3. "If you want to strengthen your inner self, then strengthen your relationship with Jesus. He doesn't promise a stress-free life, but He will guide, protect, counsel, provide, unconditionally love, encourage, defend and anything else you may need while you live your life." I was kinda feeling down today, and really needed to read that at that moment, and it made me feel better. Thanks Ms. Lindy!


  4. Wow, you really know how to create interest of the people. I am totally agree with you on this. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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