Friday, December 19, 2008

Drummer for Jesus

Come, they told me, pa, rampa, pom pom,
A new born King to see, pa, rampa, pom pom
Our finest gifts we bring, pa, rampa pom pom
To lay before our King, pa rampa pom pom rampa pom pom rampa pom pom
So to honor Him, pa rampa pom pom
Me and my drum......

My sweet husband has been a drummer since he was a teen. He played in smokey lounges, lodges, parties and a few bars with all kinds of bands - top 40, Jazz, and rock. He was not a serious musicians that spent hours of disciplined practice. He just loved it and had fun.

After our first year of marriage, my dear husband decided to move to Los Angeles to try to "make it in the "Music Industry". He wanted to be an A&R person for a record label. So being young, in our early twenties and so 'footloose and fancy-free", we sold all of our possessions except for what we could fit in our Sunbird (we bought a carrier for the top!) and headed west to Californ-i-a!

Probably one of the biggest mistakes of this move, we sold his white Slingerland set (collectors items now), with all the cymbals and cases to a Penacostal church (of all places)! At least the set would be drums for Jesus!

We lived there for about 4 months and came back to the South knowing we two Southerners were living like a duck without water in such a "godless" city. I still love that we went! It was an experience of a lifetime. We saw the Grand Canyon twice - once when it was snowing.

We ended back in Tuscaloosa, AL and lived in an apartment without furniture...well, we had that futon mattress we picked up in LA and our trusty alarm clock and microwave! Another move to TN and an accounting degree later, my dear husband became a tax accountant.

Now back to the drums.....

We have a 13 yo son, and guess what? Of course, He is a drummer like his dad! Not that he grew up watching his dad drum.... it is just in him, that talent to drum...natural like walking to him. So of course last year I convinced my dear husband that a drum set would be our son's "school equipment" needed for our middle school homeschool family.

I am sure there was a little hint of joy in my husband's heart to purchase a used Pearl Black kit, and take it home to our son's room. Yes, he has played on it a time or two. But the greatest outcome is that they have something in common to share. Parents need a place to bond, to connect, to see heart to heart with their children.

My dear husband took our son to Drummer's for Jesus. They simply loved it! Some of the best drummers in town showed up and my husband even got to play.

Our son is taking lessons, and just yesterday my sweet husband said his jaw dropped when he heard how fast our son could do a drum roll. It is exciting to see him blossom in the talents He has been given by God.

Most mom's would rather have their head blown up before listening to a drummer practice... but to me it is always such sweet music. I love hearing him play. I know he is happy, in a safe environment, developing a skill, and burning energy (so needed in a young teen)!

Just this morning I could hear him quietly strum his chimes and tap ever so lightly on the heads eagerly awaiting everyone to wake up, so he could let it roll!

So here is our gift to you God, here is your son you gave us to take care of for you, here is your drummer for Jesus.


  1. Wow, what a great story-and how awesome that they can share that passion and bond together!! :)

    Thanks for sharing. Blessings~

  2. Thank you for sharing in this joy!

  3. Aw, this was a great post! I enjoyed reading it. =)


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