Monday, September 29, 2008

Internet Accuracy

Truth finding is very important to me. I consider myself somewhat a truth-teller and a truth- seeker. Hopefully, most Christians, would relate.

I think most people want to believe that their beliefs are truth.... otherwise why would they have them. But it is really interesting to see what people do, not what they say. Your real believes can be seen in your actions.

I want to make sure that what I believe and what I inform others of is the truth. Maybe that is why I so enjoyed attending the Truth Project Conference this weekend. (I am sure I will be blogging about it.)

In the age of frequently forwarded e-mail, although it is losing its popularity, I found that I would always background check a story before forwarding. The first stop I would make was snoops. Then I did my own research digging into the background and authors of sites before I would even read the stories. I wanted to make sure the material I read was not bias or plain out propaganda.

There are wonderful sites that do data research on the Internet. I find it so interesting and very informative. Just this year "porn" search dropped from 20% to 10% with new social sites like twitter increasing to 20% from 10%! What a nice shift! You can read more about it on this great story

It amazes me how many false e-mails circulate. Sometimes I get the same inaccurate stories over and over. So I recommend, if you are going to forward an e-mail, website or blog to someone try to check it out first. You could actually take the first steps toward being an Internet truth-teller! There is enough deception and lies in our world without having good willed people adding the inaccurate data by forwarding or copying lies by not taking time to validated it.

As a Christian, it is especially important to me to not pass around lies or highly edited videos or cut and paste quotes. It is so much more ethical to find the whole truth by finding the entire video footage or reading the entire speech given instead of a quote often given completely out of context. I know it takes more time, but the time invested is worth the time it takes.

Isn't this exactly what happens to the Bible? Someone tries to twist God's Word in their favor by quoting a part of a verse...or a few verses spattered through the entire Bible or even worse using a quote completely out of context to support their agenda and points.

We can all make mistakes, but we all need to repeat information carefully...if we don't, are we not falling into an electronic form of gossip?


  1. This is a problem especially in our homeschool group. It seems the same people forward junk e-mails despite being reprimanded to check before sending on anything. Most of these junk e-mails have "red flags" that are so obvious to me. Sometimes I get frustrated that people can be so ignorant as to forward these on. I guess I just expect more from moms who are educators.

  2. Kudos to you! I totally agree! This is the main problem... it is not only homeschoolers but Christians in general. I certainly expect more truth telling from Believers. We are following God who is Truth. When we pass around lies or deception we are working for satan, our enemy. We all need to be so cautious. satan doesn't need Believers help to get his evil work done. I think the old saying - Don't believe everything you read.. needs to be retaught. It used to be used alot in regard to newspapers, but now what we read the most in on our computer and the world wide web is full of a web of lies!

    Thank you for your comment.


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