Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If You Are Living a Hectic Life, You Can Relate!

Our family life has no reflection on my dear husband. All kinds of "opportunities" (sounds sweeter than deadlines, responsibilities, obligations) pass by because I do not getting a minute to remember to tell him.

We are working together very hard to slim down our life season started and pushed us over the edge.

Two weeks into the football season, we left for family vacation (which was an unrestful hotel under construction story); we returned exhausted.

We all tried to get back on the merry-go-round of life traveling at the speed of sound. Every now and then we are more hanging on the merry-go-round bars flying horizontally through the air hoping we don't fling off...the rest of the time, we are on one of the up and down horsys that never get very far but keeps us moving in the circle of life.

We are trying to desparately run to the merry-go-round operator (God that controls the universe), and to tell Him we want off or at least would like to sit as a family in one of the "old people's benches that don't move" for a little rest.

We possibly could get our thoughts straight, figure out how to set our priorities straight, and pray for a just seems every time we inch our way toward the operator, pulling ourselves across the carousel floor...we get knocked in the head by a moving horsy or the "darn" merry go round starts spinning faster....

Have you ever lived through this? We have, and eventually life slows down and we rush into God's big safe-haven arms to return to the abundant life He intends for us to live...a life of rest, peace and well,...let me not get carried away being too creative...I might starting sipping on a Coke and singing about "perfect harmony"...of living in a world of peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

I think you get my point! Where do you think my cupcake, 11 year old daughter, gets all of her drama and imagination? (o:

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  1. Oh, can I so relate! As I sit here my son has played or practiced 11 days straight of football...well we skipped Sunday's practice so I guess it's not quite straight, but seriously trying to get out of the fast lane of life is so trying! (I've even done that Bible study!)

    I know things will calm down for you at some point...I just hope it is soon.

    I need to read more to learn about this vacation/hotel/fiasco!


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