Friday, August 22, 2008

See How Easy You Can Live a Life Worth Living

If you knew the number of your would you live the last days out...what would you do...many churches are having their whole congregations consider this...well, I just answered an online question by someone blogging in the world..a non-Christian..that probably wont understand. I answered how I would live my last 37 days. Maybe I should have been more specific....making a 'bucket list'...but my days and what I do really are not mine to determine...All I can do is "for me to live is Christ and to die is gain" this is what I would do with 37 days about you?

My last 37 days:
Anyone can exist, but it takes a choice to live life. I choose to live life to its fullest! To live each and every second in the presence of my Lord. To be surrounded by His perfect Peace that surpasses all understanding. To fully know that I am loved and accepted by the One that really counts. To feel His smile radiate around me and to move in unison to every step perfectly synchronized to His..breath by breath, thought by thought, act by act. To be one with the lover of my soul, and have the abundant life of being able to love others unconditionally, passionately, sacrificially. Living in complete obedience to Him, bringing Him glory and seeing with spiritual eyes instead of physical ones. To be who I was created to be, fully abandoned from the lies and pressures, and mirrored screens that shadow the clear view of Him and reality. Listen. Love. Live. Laugh. Leap. 37 days of passionate, unrestrained, freedom...Sheer be shared with my children, husband, friends and anyone He puts in my path. 37 days of Living!

So what about you? Do you know what you would do if you had only a small number of days to live? Take time to stop and think about it now. Prioritize your life so that each day can be valuable to you. Evaluating your life today will help you live a life without regrets. You have a free will. You have an ability to choice if you will live without regrets. God can support you, show you the way, fill you with the power of the Holy Spirit, but you have to make the choice. God can't do that...He can't live your life for you. So, everyday wont be perfect, but you can choose to live a life worth Living!

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