Friday, August 22, 2008

Spiritual Warfare Prayers That Can Deliver You From Evil


Lord, I call to you in the name of Jesus, my High Priest. I submit to your will. I invite your Spirit to search and convict me of any sin (confess any current sin before continuing). Thank you for your forgiveness and cleansing -- I put on your breastplate of righteousness. I ask you, on my behalf, to expose all the schemes of Satan ever devised against me, through any source, at any time. I ask you, Holy Spirit, to bring into the light powers of darkness that may oppress me.

I forsake all sin in my blood ancestry that may have opened doors to darkness _______________ ( specify names of relatives and sins, if relevant). I close these doors as they relate to me and my children ______________ (name your children). I forsake all personal sin that has given ground to the enemy. I reclaim that ground now. Lord Jesus, I apply the power of your name and blood to remove from me all consequences of evil oppression. In your authority, I break the binding effect of all curses (be specific if possible, e.g. witchcraft, hatred), spells, charms, hexes, psychic powers, works of witchcraft. . . anything of evil ever put upon me from any source. I ask you, Lord Jesus, to bind together all enemy spirits that may oppress me, and remove them from my life. Deliver me from all evil.

*Spoken with sincerity and authority, this prayer will be effective in loosing the grip of satanic forces present. If you are praying on behalf of another person, you may also give direct command to the enemy to take flight:


I expose all enemies of Jesus Christ operative against _______________. I sever you from Satan and any power above you. I remove your right to afflict ___________, and proclaim your judgment under the hand of God. I weaken you with the blood of Calvary. In the authority of Christ, I bind all spirits present together. I command you to go where Jesus Christ tells you to go, by the voice of his Spirit, and by the voice of his servant now speaking.

Some spirits only come out through the sacrifice of prayer and fasting.


The devil attacks and exploits unconfessed sin. If sin occurs and remains unresolved, especially sin related to idolatry or witchcraft, the enemy has a legal right to accuse and oppress. Combining the biblical principle of the visitation of the sins of the fathers on the children with clinical data from deliverance sessions, we observe a connection between genealogical sin and oppression in current generations. Satan's goal is to perpetuate his strongholds.

Pray according to the instructions of Leviticus 26:40, 42. Confess your own sins, and those of your fathers, especially sins related to rebellion against God and hatred of others. When the Israelites did this in the spirit of humility,there was a restoration of divine favor.
Pray with authority in Jesus' name to separate your life (and your children's lives) from the sins of former generations. Here is an example of how you might pray:

Heavenly Father, I confess the wickedness of my earthly father, his sexual sin and violent anger. I forsake and separate myself and my children from those sins. God, be gracious to me. In Jesus' authority, I now apply the power of his blood to break all curses and consequences of evil that may have entered my family.

After this prayer, it is wise to utter a verbal command to rid your life of any familial spirits. Tell the enemy he has no legal claim to continue working in your family.

Hope this helps you and your family! I will be updating the blog on what God is doing....I did not write these prayers credit goes to Thomas White from The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare.

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