Thursday, August 28, 2008

How understanding my spirit made me healable!

We all are blessed with those "aha" moments in life...some of us more frequent then was like in high school when I stopped trying to figure out in algebra what in the world the "x", "y" or "a" was and just worked the problem in the proper mathematical order....kinda like following rules to a game ....without analyzing the thoughts behind or in the game. After that "aha" moment I never had another problem in two years of algebra.

Or the big life "aha" when I was sitting in a small United Methodist church in a small college town and listening to the pastor preach but also looking at the light shine in through the window....and in an instant my soul clearly understood and accepted that Jesus, that little baby that was born to virgin Mary in the manger scene...well, that same little boy that grew into a miracle performer-man was none other than GOD! Jesus is God! Jesus is GOD! I guess that was more like a Wow Aha moment!

Well, here I am today...ponder to topic of body, soul, and spirit with a dear friend...chatting away and stumbling upon this 'aha moment' spirit is what was dead and now is spirit is what God meant when He said the old has passed away and all things are made new...I am not the old sinful dead spirit creature I once was, by God's loving grace, I am truly alive in Him. My spirit is indwelled by the Holy Spirit...but uniquely separate in identity from the spirit is justified, positionally glorified, seated currently in the heavenlies, filled with God's spirit, given His fruit, righteous in the sight of God, whole, pure, clean...."aha!"

So that is what it means in the Bible when God says I am a new creature and all the old me has passed spiritual being...the very part of me that is God- breathed...the part of me that is sealed in the palm of God's hand...the me that is unable to be harmed, unable to be destroyed, unable to be damaged goods! That is the great mystery...God in me and me in God!

I always saw it like the stories I was my spirit was this circle with a big square hollow spot in a that could only be filled by God. And I imagined when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior that the Holy Spirit took His place in my spirit hole. But I never realized that it was spiritual core essence of who God created me to be...the part of ME that is separate from my physical body and heart/soul (which includes my mind, my will and my emotions)....that I am spirit...I am not just filled by His Spirit!

OK, I know this is a little heady....may take some pondering...I will try to follow in later blogs with Bible verses, as I study it out in His Word!

But two super truths come to me from this "aha moment"...1) My spirit is new, regenerated, whole, undamaged, totally connected to God and 2) No one..human or spiritual can touch my spirit except God!!!! I am safe! I am covered! I am whole! I am new! I am good!

This will be a great help in working with God to heal my wounded heart/soul (mind, will and emotions)! I look forward to life living in this reality and truth! Have a blessed day!

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