Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you make the mistakes of overlooking God

What do we really need in life? God. When will I ever learn. It seems such a simple thing. I only need God! How complicated we make life! If I could ever learn to live just needing God, trusting Him to lead, to provide, to help me see.

I wouldn't be so stressed...such a mixed up mess...

God - His grace is sufficient for all of my needs! When I am weak, He is strong. When I die to myself, He lives through me! God!

My thoughts taken captive to Christ Jesus. My will surrendered to His please and desire. My emotions in line with His and following my mind...not leading it! To live by faith and not by sight...We should walk by ...just believe God...believe Him! What He says is is a solid rock I can build my life is a comfort for my is a promise that will come to pass...He is faithful, loving, gentle, understanding...He knows everything...even the number of hairs on my head! With Him is my only full acceptance, love and security.

He will never hurt me. I am safe with His presence and in His will. He provides for everything I need..and I have way more stuff than a person could ever need. Stuff doesn't make a soul may bring pleasure for a season but never contentment. Satisfaction, quiet peace, resounding joy is only found in Jesus! Why do we keep doing the Jesus + _______(what ever)? Why do we keep seeking for more ....instead of just seeking for more of Him?

What is the next right thing to do? What a simple question, but it is all I need to know to function moment by moment dependent to, sleep, relationships, touch, security, ....did I day food....(sorry about that light turn)....I think that is called inner joy! It is what He brings when we confess that He is all we need. Well, Him ..and my stomach is speaking and not my heart.

I think you get the point - simple things - all found in God and through God...walking with Him and believing Him....letting Him provide...a God pleaser..If God is with me who/what can be against me! Dear Lord, thank you for humor...I think it is a close relative to joy!

We seem to want to take life so seriously....when all we need is to be serious about knowing and loving Him...all else will that is something I can walk in baby steps toward...even a baby can focus on one thing...can walk in one direction...can hear one voice...can obey one I go...standing up my spiritual wobbly take the first step toward Him...papa, Father God, you are all I lets go get some lunch together!

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  1. I love that part "even a baby can focus on one thing." And we wonder why we all feel like (or really do have) ADD!


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