Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who Else Wants to Recover from Mental Meltdowns?

Wow! Emotions can be all spectrum of intensity. I just had a nuclear mental meltdown. I felt crushingly that I was a total inept...incompetent human, much less a useless mom and failure friend, and disconnected wife...need I go get a glimpse into the picture of the despair of my soul travelled through.

But what was amazing, is that through it all, God was my lifeline. He never let go! Not that 'God holding onto me' should be amazing in itself because it is His very character...."I will never leave thee or forsake thee"! But it is always so much deeper and heartfelt when you experience flying through the force of a twister and still being able to hear His promises, acceptance and love.

No matter how low I went, nothing could separate me from His is one thing to read this in the Bible and to agree with Him that it is true because He said is in His Word........but it is a totally different experience to see and feel Him being ever present in the darkest black hole of despair....when all else was gone...when nothing else was obtainable...when all doors slammed shut and bolted.....He remained a constant...the solid Rock....the safe haven....

I heard him say:

You please me! I love you! I will always be there with
you! You are doing what I have asked you to do! I accept you as you
are. You can talk with me. I can hear you. I am here for
you! You are not alone. You will always have me!

And now I can say:

Oh, Praise God, Praise God, Praise God, Praise God. He loves me! He cares about me! He will never hurt me! He is my help in time of need! He will always be there! He is my protector, my shield, my comfort, my rescuer, my redeemer! I loved Him and He will never let me go! Nothing can separate me from the love of God...not even my own failures. Now isn't that something to rejoice about!

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