Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are you ready for another Maverick? - Palin

I am just overwhelmingly happy with McCain's selection of Sarah Palin. The more I read about her, listen to her and research her...I wish she was running for President!
I love her backbone, solid convictions, unscripted-straight forward talk, her young family, her refusal to buckled to party elites! It gives me great confidence in McCain's ability to pick winners for the Supreme Court when that time comes.
This is going to be a very interesting presidential election. The Republican ticket now has two independent thinkers who are secure enough in themselves and what they believe that they can come together on one ticket and have some strong differing views.
It is a fact that you are never going to agree with someone all the time. It is nice when their can be a mutual respect between two people which some differing options...enough respect to stand side-by-side on a united presidential ticket!
Most fair-minded women are going to have a hard time disliking Sarah Palin, even if they don't agree with her on every issue she hold dear. She is a courageous strong female. She stands up to "the white, rich, men's only club". She does what she feels is the right thing to do regardless of party unity or possible hurt egos/feelings. She doesn't only speak about issues, she lives them (point in case, with giving birth to her new dear baby who was preterm diagnosed with down syndrome.
I love the way she cuts out prized pet-projects that are really wasteful pork-barrel spending, the way she uses her authority to release people working in her administration and starting fresh was people she knows will work with her, the way she boldly build a huge surplus in Alaska's state treasury by cutting budget and taking advantage of her state's natural resources, and how she has already funding the building of a natural gas pipeline through Canada in advance preparation for the Congress to get off their hands and pass laws to release our own Countries' fuel!
Some people are scared of her...of what she might say....of her lack of national experience...of her being a young family mom...of being unable to control, mold, package. Democrats are recording everything she says, combing it over and over looking for a gaffe, a slip, a wrong phrase or word! I hope when they find it they will remember that Obama thought we had 58 states in one speech...and made numerous other mistakes...that were played-down by everyone as 'that was not his real intention', 'he was just tired', 'it is only human to make mistakes when you speak so much everyday'.
Way to Go, McCain! Now I have a reason to be totally excited about this November 2008 Presidential election and I even have a female role model to point my daughter to and give her hope that she too could be the President of United States! From PTA to VP of USA, I can hear the cheers of all the moms that have carried the weight of so many local, volunteer, social, educational responsibilities for all these year! The common person can relate. The soccer mom can stand tall. The stay-at-home-mom can dream big dreams. We now have a voice on her way to Washington

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