Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Secrets of Obama

I spent several hours last night following all kinds of leads, threads, sites, and Google searches on Obama. I will come right out and open from the start....I never liked Obama...something just didn't seem right...too polished...rose up from experience...something more powerful had to be behind him.

Now I am seeing that he, himself, may be trying to discover who he really is and for this I have great sorry and compassion. He has been told and taught so many lies. A lot of what he knew and believed about being uncovered as not true...I am not saying that it is impossible that he knew the truth...but I am saying it is more than likely that what he has stated about his family and his life is really the stories that he was told. He that is just was just "stories"...fabrications...lies...whose family doesn't have secrets.

My husband's great aunt went to the grave without her husband ever knowing that she had lied to him when the dated and she really was older then him. His mom went to the grave never telling her son that his grandpa and great grandpa were moonshiners! I am sure there are tons of lies in my family history. Few of us question what we are told or ever dig up the original documentation of our family and our birth to find out its validity.

Barack may be in the same situation. It is more than likely that when he opted as an older teen to stay in USA, thinking it would give him a better opportunity, instead of following his mom and sister....someone came to "his aid". Helped him get to where he is today. Reinforced lies. Encouraged him to believe he was the one and only answer to change in America in this generation. Without a strong moral compass and diligent Bible study, he trusted the lies spouted out by those he respected, trusted, surrounded himself with, listened to.... His worldview was shaped by others...and it was not a Biblical based God worldview. So through his worldview filter, he interrupts and believes lies to be true. The Bible is the only true standard and plumb line to measure any views, facts, and thoughts against for accuracy, because it is the only Written Word of God! It is Truth! It is the Standard! Whether we like it or believe it, God is still God and the Creator, and the standard barrier and Sovereign. He, alone, has the solutions to our troubles, our hurts and pain, our losses....Everything we will every need is beyond our ability to produce it ourselves...the bottom line is we all need God and what only He can give us!

So back to Barrack, who may be Barry, ....but what really matters is who is behind all of this deception and what is the purpose?

There are wonderful investigative and highly talented truth seekers trying to quickly uncover the facts...behind Barracks reality. A great source is This site is very credible and not mudslinging junk site, it is also breaking news current (August 2008). If you really care about America and what is going on in current events both on earth and the heavenlies, you owe it to yourself to stay informed. You can't believe what you hear or need to look at everything with a questioning mind. What is the writer's purpose? What is the writer's worldview? What does the writer have to gain from this? Otherwise, we all must learn to listen and read slowly with our mind and spirit fully engaged! The truth will surface.

My appreciation goes to all the wonderful fact seekers that are working tirelessly to find and uncover the facts. I have viewed the forgery analysis of techdude (he was threatened with a blood covered dead animal left on his porch and tires slashed) to try to scare him into stopping his investigation. There is a great fight, a powerful force, trying to hide something. We all owe it to our country to find out who is behind these threats and what and why are they hiding Barack's past. What is it that the American people are not to know? This is not a republican or democratic problem. This is an American disaster that is equally important to every citizen of USA. Our country is at stake. Some one is trying to get into power, under a false pretense. Someone is trying to sneak into the most secure position of influence and information in the world. If Barack really does love this country, he, himself, should be calling for an all out investigation. We do not want a person running for president that is not matter what affects the integrity of our presidential race, our voting rights, our system of law and justice.

Finally, join with me in prayer! We do not need to take cover, to put our heads in the sand. We have nothing to fear! God is still on the throne. He is an always will be the Lord of Host...the King of Kings. He is Sovereign. We need to call out to Him and look to Him to reveal the lies and to protect our Nation. We need to stand firm in our faith! If God is for us, who can be against us! He has already overcome this world, the victory is His! Rise up! Take your rightly position. Stand on truth, and be watchful to not to deceived.

God will lead and protect those who follow Him.

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