Friday, August 29, 2008

What Everyone Ought to Know about Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin, Republican Vice-President Canidate

Well, it seems McCain has finally picked a VP running mate, and I think I like her a lot better than I do him! Sarah Palin is my kind of lady!
Sarah Palin is the current governor of Alaska. She is 44 years old, born in Idaho, and a journalism major. She became the first female governor of Alaska, and the youngest. She is the first Alaskan to be on a National Ticket for president or vice-president!
She is a Christian believer in Jesus Christ and a member of the Assemblies of God. She was raised by a mother that was a school secretary and a father that was a science teacher and track coach. Her family was avid outdoor enthusiast and they frequently ran 5-10K races together. Her family moved to Alaska when she was an infant. Her scholarship she received as runner-up in the Alaskan beauty pageant paid for her college tuition to University of Idaho.
She is courageous, boldly doing what is right in the sight of God! She recently had her 5th child in April 2008. This precious little boy was diagnosed at 4th months of pregnancy as have Down Syndrome....she was stunned as any mother would be to hear such news, but both she and her husband quickly accepted this child as a divine gift from God and never once would entertain abortion (ending the child's life in the womb).
After delivering the baby she returned to her position as Governor of Alaska in three days. She was determined to carry out her responsibilities to the State of Alaska as well as to her family. Her oldest son will be deployed to Iraq in September 2008! And between these two sons, she has 3 girls.
She is an avid hunter and a lifetime member of NRA. As a child she would wake at 3 am before school and go moose hunter with her father. She eats mooseburgers, and played basketball so aggressively during school that she was nicknamed, "Sarah Barracuda"!
Sarah Palin does not pander to the Republican Party elites...she ran for political office even when she was not supported by the party to run. She goes after politicians - regardless of their party affiliation to clean up their ethical life and to be held accountable for misuse and mismanagement of tax dollars and public funds.
A few days after taking office as governor she sold the previous Republican governors jet which was charged to the state for $2.7 million. On ebay, she raised $2.1 million and applied it toward the debt. She vowed if a plane was bought again for state use it would be practical and able to land in rural parts of Alaska, not be a flashy, status-symbol and a waste of taxpayers' money.
She has created a budget surplus by cutting pork-barrel spending, and a lot of it was Republican pet-projects. Governor Palin wanted her state to be self-sufficient and not having to rely on federal dollars. She has used her states natural resources wisely and has had a natural pipeline being constructed to send fuel to the lower 48 states. Her budget surplus allowed her to give grants to energy companies that in turn could pass the saving by lower consumer costs. She also gave a tax credit to Alaskan citizens for fuel. This year in 2008, the dividend check will be close to $3200!

Governor Palin is for a federal marriage amendment and does not support same-sex marriages or benefits, but she does have gay friends and does not tolerate hate or targeted discrimination. She desire for creation education to be taught in school along the side of the theory of evolution, but does not think it should be mandated into law. She firmly believes in the Almighty God as the creator, and sees evolution as a theory created by man.
I am sure we will learn a lot more about Governor Sarah Palin, but I already know I would like her as a friend. She is a women after my own heart! And I for one am proud that she is going to be on the Republican Presidential Ticket!


  1. From what I've read, I like her too. I think McCain choice is very interesting and has surely shaken up the other team.

  2. Send me your email address & I'll had you as a contributor to Moms In The Right. Didn't see it on your post.

  3. I saw your blog on Twitter and loved this post! Now that Gov. Palin is on the Republican ticket, I can finally get excited about this race. I think she rocks!


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