Monday, August 11, 2008

A Quick Way to Solve Church Conflict - Love the Church

Well, God is always surprising me and teaching me something new....its not new to Him but new to me...He spoke to me tonight through several friends...the big message I heard that I have not been doing is that I need to .....

love the Church, His Church, my local church, ......because he died for it! Yes, he died for you and me...but he also died for the collective church....the universal church, and the local church....

The local church is kinda like your is probably the hardest bunch of folks to is pretty easy to love the universal church...the big church concept, but when the church has flesh and blood, personality and quirks, opinions and attitudes, cliques and committees, rules and is a little different...because especially in big churches (mine is about 3000) you really don't know people that see them, maybe talk every few weeks, learn a little fact here or there, but really don't know what is truly going on in their life.

So I am going to ponder this....try to understand...try to see it differently...try to learn how God wants me to love the church.

I will let you know how I do..

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