Saturday, August 23, 2008

You don't have to be Billy Graham to be used by God

As a Christian I often have a longing to “be used by God.” I am not exactly sure what that means but I think I will know it when I am being “ used by God.” So as a Christian we sometimes try to figure out what we need to do and as we attempt to make "it" work, usually “ ur" plans just never get rolling and there seems to be no Holy Spirit wind behind the sails we have put up.

As I am making toddler steps toward obedience in God after I laid myself out before Him, empty and totally dependent for life and direction. I am noticing that God puts opportunities for ministry in my presence without me planning for it.

In my private life (for a Christian where does private and public life end and begin), I have been blessed by a counselor that has been taking steps with me into spiritual generational warfare. Now I must say I tried this years ago (10 or more) in many different avenues and it just didn't work. Some of the experiences were freak-me-out way too weird and others were fake, forced, and just not right.

I am learning that God works through His power, simple prayers that speak forth His Word instead of some Holy Ghost Deliverance meeting to cast down and out all of the demons in the name of Jesus! That is not to say we never need to plan events but often our human event planning isn’t aligned with the Holy Spirit. 

Now I am not putting my creative Lord in a box or saying He has a formula, "one size fits all” way of dealing with His treasured creatures (us). He doesn’t. Matter of fact, if He did everything the same we would probably get bored with Him and we would also try to imitate or pretend we were Him, thereby not needing Him again. Oh, what a fickle bunch of children we can be!

So I venture out after 3 days from my "meltdown", two days of which I basically slept in bed, and barely woke up to eat as my dh brought me food on a try...a dim memory of sitting up to get the bare minimum nourishment to keep living. Emotional meltdowns can be very exhausting....and so can totally surrendering to is probably why most of us don't find time to do it...we are just to busy....

Well, I went to a Generation Joshua meeting. This group has been set up by Home School Legal defense to have local clubs of 11-19 yo youths that gather in the rather formal meeting of "robert's style"...putting forth business, seconding and discussing which leads to "all members is favor of the motion say, Yes (I think it was yes instead a yeah and

Anyway here I am with my date book, my newly printed out 40 page Generation Joshua club book, and 5 copies of my recent spiritual prayers -I've listed- in a nice little stack before me. We break our little meeting for a speaker to address our youth. This incredible godly man, Monty Langford, is running for a congressional seat but was amazes me is that all he talks about is how he came to God, allowed God to direct His life and the passion He has to bring a moral compass to Washington (and see many there saved!) He could have been trying out for local pastor.

One of the first things he shared was telling our youth (and my young boys) that the only thing they needed to do was to lay out before the Lord and find out what He wanted them to do with their life. He told them that God knitted them together in my womb and created them for a specific purpose...needless to say what He had to say was powerful and my heart wanted to leap out of my chest in agreement!

As he started to close, he asked that we would pray for him and remember the part of the Lord's prayer for him..."lead me not into temptation".

My thoughts started to click...temptation...spiritual warfare...and I look down and see the copies I had of the spiritual warfare prayers...oh, my...

Then our sweet adult sponsor suggests that we gather around this godly man and pray for him as we placed our hands on him.....we all gathered around and I brought my copy of the prayers I had brought...there was a moment of silence and I felt totally empowered by God....just kind of knowing co-incidences like this just don't happen with God...He plans them! I started to boldly pray out the prayers for Monty Langford..and his family and for us. Several wonderful saints followed with prayers for Monty and our nation. It was one of those special divine appointments with God...that are never planned by men but by God.

After we were hanging around and chatting one of the ladies began to speak with me and she shared that she had been going through a difficult time...divorce...abuse...court proceedings...9 children...
she could have been speaking about some of the details in my childhood life...again...I am excited by the Lord...He brought me here for this also....I friend needed...someone who could understand...someone to provide resources for support...after sharing e-mails and phone numbers...I know God is going to do something there ....I will just be available when needed....another incident that could not have just been a coincident. God planned...a divine moment...a divine meeting.

I don't know beyond this hour what is going to take place but I do know who I am going to be with (my Lord) and that I am going to be available to Him as I walk through the events of my day.

There is more here to share but I don't have His freedom to put it to a post at this time.

So are you walking a walk with Jesus with open Spiritual eyes....sensitive ears...being obedient to His desire for you at this moment...don't forget...God is showing me...the only thing I need to ask is "what is the next right thing" for me to do. Wow, that doesn't take a lot of planning on my part...I may not please a lot of people but if I just do the next right thing he wants me to do...I will please Him.

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