Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three most important words to believe: I am loved!

Such three simple words but so hard for a soul to utter with inner truth. By the time we are in our teens most of us had/have been through more hurts than should be allowed in a 100 year lifetime. We live in a terribly evil, fallen world. Our little families are bombarded with tv, movies, music, gaming, porn, drugs, social pressure...and that is regardless of whether you homeschool or send your child to private school. If your children go to friends homes, they go to sleep overs, they use the computer, talk on the phone, go to summer camps, go to church events...they get exposed to all kind of things we wouldn't put into their path.

And I don't know about you, but I am not a perfect parent so I have done my own sharing of hurting my dear children, even though my heart breaks for each time and I have laid beside their bed with sorrow confessing the sin.

Then comes the sin we commit ourselves that kind of tell us that we are could love someone that did this or that name it...we all have our hidden sins that gives us inner doubt of being truly lovable to to core.

God can breakthru! If we go before Him and humble ourselves and pray. He will heal our hearts and the hearts of our children.

On my date with my sweet dh, we went to a clothes store for teens...holister...I was surprised that it wasn't more expensive to be honest ($13-$24) for a shirt...a few $29...My dh mentioned that our ds 15yo had mentioned that he liked this we looked around for a few belated birthday items...3 shirts, body spray, deodorant....

After we can home from dinner, my dh took our son to the car and showed him the gift we had for really touched our son! Maybe because we listened to what he wanted to wear or maybe because it was an unexpected surprise...we don't buy gifts like this...just on a whim...we can't afford a lot of surprises this expensive.

But I would have paid double for it, for the message that it relayed to my dear oldest son....he was smiling...something that we don't get to delight in as much as I would like...and then he uttered those special words...."I AM LOVED!"

I understand what kind of inner peace and security it takes to be able utter those dear, tender words...."I AM LOVED!" The heart cry of every living soul to love and to know that you are loved!

So Praise God from whom all blessing flow.....loving is spreading in our home! And may these seeds of love continue to blossom and grow! I Am Loved!


  1. Wow--that's big! That is absolutely wonderful! Again, you have inspired me to look not so dreadfully toward the teenage years!

  2. It's always the unexpected gifts that say "I know you, I love you and I care about your heart's desires," that mean the most to others. May God continue to use you as a vehcile for His generosity and love. :-) Love and blessings, Jamie


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