Thursday, August 14, 2008

5 Ways to Have a Successful Homeschool Mom's Support Group

1) Meetings are probably best on Friday nights....getting there at 6-6:30 allows time for chit-chat until meeting time.

(Also a prepared handout regarding dates, needs, upcoming events, introducing new families, etc. Would save a lot of precious meeting time or having Melissa go ahead and set up a yahoo group, like she suggested....we could get all the planning done during the month online.)

2) Focus meetings on the Lord. He is our common bond.

He is our reason for why we have committing ourselves to the different lifestyle. . Homeschool families come in all different shapes and sizes....that is just the way God likes to do it...he is not a cookie-cutter God. He likes to make creations that are unique....having His own little fingerprint on our body/soul/spirit....that make us special to Him. In the same way, all families are different....led by the Holy Spirit to have certain patterns of living that are good for each family.

We all know one curriculum is not necessarily better than the just may be better suited for our needs, our wants, and more structured the way we function and naturally think. It just fits! And most parents, know when a method of teaching fits them or a certain child. It works. I love this about causes us to need Him for direction because we can't just read about "how to do it" in a book and expect it to be perfect for every person, family and incident. (The Holy Spirit fell on believers in different ways. Jesus performed healings in different ways. Jesus taught in different ways. Apostles were released from prison in different ways, etc.)

3) Alternate the person leading the meeting around a ladies that feel led by the Lord to bring a fresh Word from God to the moms.

This, for one, takes the burden of preparing off of one person. We are all so busy...running in a million mind-boggling directions....we need to share this burden and thereby, make it a joy! Most moms could share a Word from God...once or twice a year...but every month...we never know what the next day may bring. This message really needs to be God and His Word focused. Something from a loved book, devotional, email pass note, or a Bible message. No matter what it needs to include at least one Bible verse....this is the food for our souls that are usually neglected because we are giving so much to our children, family, church and friends....

And secondly, if a mom makes the effort to get out of the house and get alone with friends and fellow comrades in this homeschool needs to be a deep value to her needs to be uplifting, exhorting, to feed, direct and encourage her soul.

4) Prayer - we can't leave out prayer.

Each and everyone of us and our families are on the enemies hit list...have you ever wondered why everything breaks in our home/garage/driveway/yard...and why our families disapportionately have so many diseases/syndrome/pains/problems. We should not be surprised that we are suffering setbacks, and an extra dose of attacks. We are deeply convicted to follow our Lord, committed to live out our faith, day by day (second by second...and full of grace). We NEED prayer cover. We are an army of the Lord...raising up arrows to be placed in His quiver to be shot out where ever He pleases. Our families NEED prayer!

We don't need to discuss prayer request. We just need to converse with God. We will hear the request as we pray to Him and others can join in and pray in our behalf...or laying on hands, when needed. The enemy loves nothing more than to see our time of pray be a time of talk....and we are real good at talking. (smile!)

5) Social Butterfly Time - allow ladies that want extended fellowship on these Friday nites to plan a movie, hang out late at a restaurant, or whatever they care to plan......sometimes what we need most is to be not be wife, or mom, or daughter...but just "ME". We can really get lost in our heavy load of responsibilities....having time to laugh, talk, cry, and be silly rejuvenates moms!

I didn't get much sleep last night (2 hours) and I wrote this give me grace for errors, or bad suggestion/comments.

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