Sunday, August 31, 2008

How to Fight Against Hurricane Apathy

We - as a Nation - must be cautious to not be apathetic to the residents of New Orleans....or any other city.

These kind of thoughts may arise: "didn't we just 3 years ago give time, money, service, sacrificially to help these same people...and now they need it again"

This is not the time to question whether the government of LA/ New Orleans was fiscally responsible with the money poured into the is not important to rebuild a city...a piece of land....what we need to focus on as a Nation is the individuals, the people.

And yes, many of the people during the aftermath of Katrina abused the system...spent debit cards on foolishness...wasted government checks on wants and silly luxuries ignoring real life necessities....but countless more did use the money to restart, rebuild, sustain life! you go about life as usually...stop whenever it comes to mind...and pray for these hurting people...many who will be spending the next 24-36 hours in a car, on a highway, trying to get to "safety".

Pray for the National Guard (2000 people) that we be riding this terrible storm stay behind, putting their life in danger, to make certain that there is peace in the streets after the storm that the murder, abuse and looting of Katrina does not reoccur.

Also the staff in charge of the pumping system is for the most part staying behind...pray for these people and their families.

To learn more about the physical under sea level problem of flood waters in New Orleans look at this National Geographic video This may give you a better understanding of what the city is up against...when it comes to high levels of rain...and why this storm, and Katrina was so devastating!

Now all we can do is pray, help those we come in contact with and wait until the storm hits. I hope to write again as I get more personal information from family members...on what is happening and how people are handling Gustav!

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