Monday, August 11, 2008

Good far!

Well, after such an emotional roller coaster it is nice to sense a little normalcy....did most school..will finish in afternoon.

Went to Hastings to get Little House book series...brought some books to sell to help out with price....found colored illustration set...about $10 more than b&W...but I just think the children will enjoy the colors....

Cupcake (dd) is already painting the cat bowl craft kit I just brought home from Target clearance...I just had to nab it at $2....

Teddybear (middle ds) loving his headphones I got for him to listen to music on his computer while practicing drums....he is getting everyone to come listen to the quality.....broke down and bought him the yucky pants that look like someone attached them to their feet and walked down a rocky mountain.....I hate spending money on something so used looking....but it was his third time he tried to get me to buy them....and this time he added two that I like....a compromise I guess we could say.

Talked with my db TechnoBear....I love him so much...enjoy listening and speaking to him...he is so real.

Catch you later.

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