Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little known facts about Darwinism and Medicine

I am a nurse - and a mere LPN - at that so I don't even consider myself a medical professional in knowledge base or experience. But one thing I do specialize in life is attempting to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Everything I read or see or hear or consider, I try to filter it through God's view....and then attempt to line my view up to His standard.So, Darwin and his teachings and his followers are simply ignorant to truth, because he doesn't take into fact the most important influence in life or death...God Himself. A world without God would be non-existent...since God Himself is the only self-existent one.

So all the babble about the survival of the fittest is mute! Every single part of our body was Created by the Creator that was much more knowledgeable and foreknowing than anyone who will ever ponder these ideas.I love science (and medicine of course included) because you can't get far into a discussion about any topic without getting to the fact that all creation (including humans) are vastly more complicated and mindboggling to understand. Often it is easier to delight and marvel at our intricate design than to pretend to understand how it works.

Medicine is absolutely anti-darwinism....and anyone with a thinking true scientific mind would agree.

The real problem is that somewhere, someone stepped over the line of reasonable medical care and attempted to be a god...they attempted to control the point of a person's life and/or death. And this was all possible because we live in a welfare state mentality....medical research experiments...which are often what life saving attempts against all logic, known medical experience and knowledge, are being allowed, even forced to some degree. The only difference is research if funded. Hypothesis are carefully prepared. And careful records, including fiscal responsibility are taken.

When the taxpayer or private insurance (thus all paying insurance) or hospital organizations have to pay for these life saving feats of chance, there is no accountability...and no carefully research, conclusions and repeatable outcomes.

Doctors should be in the position to help families understand that there is no known medical course to take to extend life. At this point God should be given the opportunity to intervene, with one of His incredible miracles or His loving mercy to bring the precious soul home to Him.Where we go so wrong today...is that we leave God and His infinite wisdom and power out of so many situations that are really only His call to make in the first place.

(These were thoughts after reading old post on M.D.O.D. blog - a medical ER DR blog of sarcasm)

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