Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cross by Road

two days ago, I saw emergency vehicles around a sharp curve close to my home...looked like someone was on the grass being helped by medics....dh came home later and said he saw accident with a twisted white bike on the side of the road....

yesterday, I saw a woooden cross by the road...someone had died. it hit me...I saw the scene...someone died there..

Coming home today, small group around cross by the road, young girl sitting next to cross...I pull over...walk back to cross by the road...."I saw there was an accident here two days ago and came back last night and saw cross by the road...." crying..."do you know who died?" nods...."was it a young person?"

It was a father of a freshman and senior at the High person says..."he was like our dad"...several point to girl that was sitting by the cross...

"Was it your dad?" nod....I hug her knowingly....and just say...."I am so sorry...I'm so sorry." She thanked me.

When I turn to leave, man there tells me to "be careful." Probably never see them again....just like an angel crossing their path.

Why did he have to die...even other children thought of him as a is so sad.

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