Saturday, August 23, 2008

Be Warned!, Read the Whole Truth! about Obama

I love writing about my family, the insights God give me daily, and about my love for God and others. It is not always fun to write about politics...maybe in our day and age it is never fun! But I am compelled by seeking truth, because Jesus is the truth! Jesus would have his sons and daughters to be knowledgeable of full truth....not bits and pieces mixed up in a way that could mislead and even teach untruths.

So as a citizen of one of the greatest Nations of all history, we owe it to ourselves to be educated when making voting decisions, to not believe everything we read, and to dig a little to find the unedited facts....the whole speech...the whole comment....the whole story. It is the very same way we read God's Word. Every verse must be taken in context of its surrounding versing, its chapter, book and the entire Bible as a whole. A life doctrine can not be based off of a single verse without making sure that it is clear, within context, and properly translated.

Finding the truth can take a little more work, than just watching a youtube video or a tv commercial. You would be better educated to read the actual text, the unedited words of the entire speech. Yes, it takes more time...and you will have to really think and analyze what is being said. You will have to learn to read slowly and to read with an eye that looks for the authors worldview and look at what is not said, as much as what is said. It takes thinking! Something we don't take a lot of time to do in our video driven, gaming, texting society.

So here are the complete facts...The website for Obama's entire speech, the Keynote Address 'Call to Renewal' can be read on very own federal government senate website:

And then you can print it out and read it. You can carefully consider his words, discover his worldview, and have a deeper understanding for the person he claims to be. And you can compare his words in full context to the phamerica commercial video that is running wild in the e-mail webworld:

You see, Christian have nothing to fear. We just need to make sure we are not believing lies spun by someone who is driven by fear. Remember Jesus told us that the Holy Spirit in believers is greater than the demonic forces and satan, himself, in this world! (1John4:4) We need to remember that God is love and that perfect love cast out all fear. We, in Christ, have an all-powerful Heavenly Father that listens to us when we talk to Him and when we ask for Him to act according to His will....because of our faith in Jesus (as the way, the truth and the life, "no one comes to the Father except through me" John 14:6) as both our Lord and Savior!

If anyone is to is those who misquote the Bible and the intentions of Jesus who came not to bring "fair-minded words" that could be used by a politician to convince true evangelical believers and non-believers alike that they have the ability to reconcile America (and the world) by finding common beliefs that appear to appeal to the 'good of all'. (Scripture says, Our good works are but filthy rags, and that there is no one who does good...there is no one that does good no not one! Ps 14). Only God is good! And in Christ, alone, can we do good.

So do not run and hide, or pass around half truths. Take a stand on the Bible...the very inerrant Words of God. And keep open your spiritual eye...we are told to walk by faith, not by sight. Look to God to see what is happening in our country spiritually. And then ask God, what is the next right thing that you need to do...and do it! You can do no more than this. Walk in full obedience to God...and boldly with full confidence, do the next right (right according to God) thing He asks you to do.

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  1. Boldly put! You put on that full armour! I need to read this whole speech, you are right.

    Thanks for that!


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